Nissan LEAF Proves the Future is Green for Company Cars

Nissan LEAF Proves the Future is Green for Company Cars
With the new LEAF released back in June, Nissan has continued to dominate the electric vehicle market with this innovative car. Having undergone a number of developments since its launch, the LEAF is now more efficient than ever, something that Greenhous staff are making the most of.

 Neil Scutts, sales manager at Greenhous Nissan has been driving the LEAF as a company car for the past couple of months and believes the UK’s best selling electric vehicle is the way forward for driving. “I have recently started driving the LEAF as my company car and it really is ideal for me in an economical and a practical sense.

“The LEAF has a range of 124 miles and as I only live 4-5 miles from the Greenhous showroom at Featherbed Lane, I am able to use the Leaf for nearly a week without having to re-charge it!

“The car itself is so easy to drive and Nissan have made sure the latest model has plenty of torque making it drive just as well, if not better than a regular fuel car.”

Although the Nissan LEAF landed back in 2011, the latest model has noticed big improvements in efficiency and practicality. The result is a vehicle that can easily rival not only other electric cars on the market, but also normal fuel cars. Innovation is the key message with the LEAF and many of its new features mirror this.

The updated Carwings system means the infotainment and navigation system in the car are controllable remotely from the user’s desktop or smartphone. Nissan are also constantly implementing new ways to stay as eco-friendly as possible, including their Advance Eco Route Planning. Customers can input their destination onto their desktop or Smartphone and the LEAF will automatically plot the most power saving route.

Neil continued “The new LEAF is surprisingly spacious and plenty big enough for my two kids in the back with an additional 40 litres more boot space than before. “With no CO2 emissions, customers can make some serious savings, including free road tax and no benefit-in-kind for businesses using the LEAF as company cars. This means the driver pays absolutely no tax, something that can become quite a costly downside to driving a company car.”

Neil concluded “Since its launch in 2011, the LEAF has become far more affordable. Prices are now highly competitive after it became the first electric car to be built in the UK. “Electric vehicles may have initially appealed to those who were fiercely eco-friendly, but it is now making real economic sense for everyone to make the switch to electric due to the rising cost of driving. We are thrilled of the LEAF’s success so far and would urge anyone to come and test drive it to see for themselves.”

To book a test drive, call Neil or one of his team on 01743 454141