Greenhous support the Oswestry Civic Day – reducing our carbon footprint.

Greenhous support the Oswestry Civic Day – reducing our carbon footprint.
The Oswestry and District Civic Society put on an event on 26th June in Central Park, English Walls with an exhibition to show ways in which people could reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Greenhous Nissan and Renault of Shrewsbury were delighted to take part with a display of their 100% electric vehicles.

The 100% electric vehicles have no CO2 emissions and so are environmentally friendly to operate. They are cheap to run and there are Government subsidies to help in the purchase of the vehicle.

This event was of special interest to the public with lots of stands displaying a range of ways to reduce carbon emissions from buying local produce, hence reducing transport use, renewable energy gathering, insulation, renewable heat, and electric vehicles.

Andrew Morton, Local Business Manager for Greenhous Nissan says of the event: “It was a new venture for us to be involved in and it reflected the growing interest there is in saving energy and reducing our personal carbon footprint.  We displayed our Nissan all-electric vehicles with the LEAF and E-nv200 van on view.  Our colleagues from Greenhous Renault also displayed a Renault ZOE car. The electric vehicle is sure to become the future mode of transport as ever increasing constraints on CO2 emissions are imposed on countries.”

Pictured, left to right, are the Renault Zoe, the Nissan E-nv200 and the Nissan LEAF.  All are available through visiting the website