​Wenlock Spring supplying pure water from an environmentally sound base.

Shropshire possesses some of the oldest rock formations in the UK and the world.The stunning Wenlock Edge created 400 million years ago has a limestone escarpment which has been the source of spring water for hundreds of years as rain water percolates down through the limestone strata. Wenlock Spring is a family business run by brothers Bruce and Matthew Orme, which since 1989 has tapped into the natural mineral waters emanating from the Wenlock Edge at their farm in Wolverton, near Church Stretton, producing a high quality, multi-award winning premium water.

Wenlock Spring supply bottled water and water coolers to outlets across the UK and internationally.In Shrewsbury Greenhous Nissan are one such customer and they stock the still and sparkling mineral waters for their customers to enjoy at the refreshment area in the showroom. Greenhous are delighted that Wenlock Spring supply their water in Recycled plastic (rPET) bottles.Greenhous have supplied some of the fleet of delivery vehicles operated by Wenlock Spring.

Pictured is Greenhous Nissan Showroom Host Charlotte Jones with Wenlock Spring water.

Wenlock Spring have long had an eye on their carbon footprint and this has been a focal point of their recycling and use of renewable resources. Solar panels are fixed to the warehouse roofing and they use woodchips to produce hot water to wash and sterilise the 19 litre refillable bottles.

Along with recycled plastic, recycled glass from the UK is used in their bottles.Even cardboard from packaging is re-processed and used in the palletisation of their products. Shrink wrapping and excess wooden pallets are sold on for recycling. Wenlock Spring have achieved over 99% recycling for all packaging used on their site.

The company gained The British Retail Consortium Higher (Grade A) Accreditation for the bottling of Wenlock Spring in both glass and plastic bottles and also achieved the highest level of accreditation from the British Water Cooler Association for their 19 litre filling lines.