The excitement of the coming launch of a new vehicle is surrounded by pre-launch hype from the manufacturers and then then a holding of breath whilst the critics pen their analytical reviews of the new model.

Nissan clearly had no need to be concerned as the latest Nissan Leaf all-electric model has been met with almost universal praise according to the reports that have been released so far in the press. The new Nissan LEAF has a certified NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) range of 235 miles easing those range concerns that customers had with the previous model.  In testing in mixed real-world use the New Nissan Leaf still managed up to 170 miles, which is impressive.

​According to What Car? Its 5 star rating includes the comments that it is “Fast, sophisticated to drive, bigger inside and, perhaps most importantly of all, capable of much longer distances between charges.” Autocar enthuses: “Better looks, better value, better range, stronger performance and a quiet and relaxing drive.” Alphyr announces the “UK's most popular EV gets better. Nissan's 2018 Leaf is a vast improvement on the previous model, with more style, better performance and better range.”

James Biggs, Sales manager of Greenhous Nissan in Shrewsbury is delighted that the second generation 2018 Leaf is getting such plaudits.  James says; “The enquiries ahead of the launch for the new Nissan Leaf have been extraordinary and we are keen to get our customers into the refined and technologically improved EV vehicle. It has a completely upgraded design and has a more powerful 40kWh battery which gives it the improved range that customers are looking for.

“An innovative technological advance is the ‘e-Pedal’ which allows you to accelerate and brake the car using the one pedal, smoothing out the braking response, though there is a standard brake pedal too. Driving an all-electric car is ‘must do’ pleasurable experience. The 2018 Leaf accelerates to 60mph in just 7.9 seconds and quietly making journeys so comfortable. We are expecting our first arrival in late January and will welcome customers coming along to try it out.”