Greenhous Nissan have teamed up with Greenways Insurance for a Grand Tour where the merits of the Nissan Leaf are explored by the electric vehicle insurance specialists. The team at Greenways have a real passion for electric motoring - and they want to spread that enthusiasm far and wide. Here is an extract from their blog.

Daniel West, Greenways’ business development executive, is sharing his experience of test-driving a Nissan Leaf, kindly supplied by Greenhous in Shrewsbury.

 Dubbed the Greenways Grand Tour, Daniel has been spending a week as an electric car driver to really get a feel for his clients’ style of motoring.

He started off by taking the car on those activities we all have to do on a regular basis, such as going shopping and of course coming into the office!

“It’s a lovely car to drive, and not unlike any other automatic car to be honest,” Dan says.

“The big difference is the lack of engine sound and smooth running, but you soon get used to it.

“The typical mileage from a maximum charge in the Nissan Leaf 30KW is about 120 miles, so it’s absolutely fine for driving into work and doing the usual weekly chores like picking up shopping and that sort of thing. It can be charged fully overnight from just your usual 3-pin socket making it a very viable option as an everyday car.

“We think it’s vital to truly understand electric motoring so we can best advise our clients on their insurance needs, so this is a great experience.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Greenhous Nissan in Shrewsbury for loaning the vehicle to us.”

For more information about Greenhous Nissan, visit the website at www.greenhousnissan.co.uk

Daniel will be testing the car over longer distances and motorway usage this weekend, so check back to the blog next week to see how he got on with charging it at motorway service stations rather than having to pay for petrol!

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