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Nissan Ariya 100% Electric
Nissan Qashqai Mild Hybrid Tekna+
Nissan Qashqai Tekna+
Nissan LEAF 100% Electric

The ARIYA crossover with e-4ORCE technology is the start of a new era. All it's intuitive and adaptive technologies are packaged in a stunningly sophisticated exterior with design inspired by timeless Japanese futurism.

Nothing holds you back in the ARIYA, the range of up to 329 miles (dependant on driving conditions) is plenty to allow you to explore freely. The choice between batteries and two- or all-wheel drive gives you the range of electric possibilities you've been waiting for.

We know that the wait while charging can be off putting which is why the ARIYA offers rapid charging getting you to capabilities of 217 miles in around 30 minutes.

What is e-4ORCE?

e-4ORCE is an all-wheel control system with dual electric motors that deliver greater maximum torque, stability and agility. e-4ORCE offers you the enhanced confidence of all-wheel control: the ability to switch power from the front to the rear wheels delivers precise handling, while independent wheel torque control counteracts over- or under-steering. The system helps to control vehicle motion when the brakes are applied, helping to ensure a smooth stable ride.

What is a Mild Hybrid?

If you compare the Mild Hybrid to a traditional petrol engine, specifically in relation to urban driving, the vehicle emits far less CO2 emissions and has significantly enhanced fuel efficiency.

The Mild Hybrid system features a lithium battery that stores energy recovered during braking. The recovered energy supports the vehicles electrical systems allowing the start/stop system to activate in more situations to enhance fuel efficiency. The weight of the Qashqai has been reduced too. Aluminium has been used for the doors, bonnet & wings consequently improving performance.

What is e-POWER?

Qashqai e-POWER enables you to experience electrified driving pleasure without any need to recharge. The technology in the Qashqai e-POWER is completely unique and consists of a petrol engine that constantly recharges a more responsive battery-operated motor, it is that motor that powers the wheels 100% of the time. Compared to a traditional combustion engine you will get a much quieter and fuel-efficient drive.

Nissan Juke Hybrid uses advanced technology which combines an electric motor with a petrol engine. Because you are using the electric motor 80% of the time (driving typically in urban areas) you get all the benefits of a fully electric vehicle, it's more responsive, quieter & powerful. Your trips are also more efficient with lower consumption compared to the Juke petrol engine.

The electric motor provides you with instant torque meaning impeccable accelerator responsiveness. Juke Hybrid technology uses a clutch less, smart multi-mode gearbox inspired by Formula E with electric motor and petrol engine that work independently or together for more reactiveness and dynamism. The Juke will switch between driving modes seamlessly and according to how you are driving and the scenario you are in. ​

The Nissan LEAF is our 100% electric family car. It comes with either a 39kWh battery or the more powerful 59kWh.

Nissan have long understood the advantages of a battery pack powering a silent electric motor. Your drive is as efficient as it can be in a 100% electric Nissan vehicle offering an incredible range of up to 239 miles (dependant on driving conditions).

The advantages of driving an electric vehicle are numerous, they are cheaper to run, environmentally friendly and instantly responsive.