Nick braves the shave for charity.

Nick braves the shave for charity.
Sporting a fine head of hair and a sprouting full beard, Nick Leighton has taken the brave decision to have it all cut off in aid of charity. Following a trend called ‘Brave the Shave’, started by Macmillan Cancer Support, Nick is joining hundreds of men and women across the country who have shed their locks in aid of the charity, raising over £2.5 million in the process.

Nick is a parts advisor at Greenhous Nissan, and he lives in Mountford Bridge, however he is Shrewsbury born.  He has spent 23 years working for Nissan under the ownership of William A Lewis and now Greenhous.

Asked why he wanted to have his head shaved Nick revealed: “I was driving along listening to the radio and I heard about someone doing the ‘Brave the Shave’ challenge.  I have put money in cans and buckets for charity but never done anything major and so I thought I would give it a go.  My colleagues are all prepared to have a laugh at my expense and that is fine as long as they pay up!”

Nick will face the razor at his local pub, the Wingfield Arms in Montford Bridge on Sunday, 28th August surrounded by friends and well-wishers.  He hopes that those who wish to help cut his hair and beard will throw a few extra pounds in the collection.

Nick is pictured with the Nissan Olympic and Paralympic car in the Nissan Shrewsbury showroom.