New electric Nissan van compliments business ethos on energy conservation.

New electric Nissan van compliments business ethos on energy conservation.
The EVOHOME Shop is a rapidly expanding, innovative young company based in Caersws in Powys that specialises in giving professional advice and help to customers to enable them to save money and optimise the energy use within their home, using 21st Century energy saving technology. With such a strong message of energy conservation the company directors, Richard and Diane Burrows, have decided to operate an all-electric Nissan e-NV200 van from Greenhous Nissan in Shrewsbury.

Richard is an ex-heating installer and trained Honeywell Connected Specialist and his company offers a dedicated, personal approach to energy conservation in the home. As Richard explains: “We started The EVOHOME Shop in January 2014 and are currently expanding to offer full merchant services to trade and public, both locally and online (Mid Wales Plumbing & Heating Supplies coming soon).  The smart controls market has exploded and we are perfectly placed to offer advice on reviewing a customer’s existing heating and energy systems and advise on the best and most suitable smart heating control technology that will match their budget and provide much needed long term savings on energy costs.”

The EVOHOME Shop website has a ‘product help’ section which enables the customer to understand what products are available to control the type of heating system they have in their homes or work place. It also has a simple to use ‘Honeywell evohome system builder’ which takes the reader through a few simple steps to identify how much energy is used and where savings can be made. The website is

As you may expect Diane and Richard’s all electric home is fitted with solar panels and ground source heating as well as having smart controls.  Richard says that they are effectively producing as much electricity as they use. With ’green’ credentials in mind Richard decided on driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle too, hence the Nissan e-NV200 becoming the workhorse for the business.

Richard explains: “We had a diesel van which was never travelling far and so not getting properly warmed up.  This was inefficient and the particle filters were getting blocked. Our customer base is mostly within a 40 mile radius of the office so the electric van is ideal for our needs and it saves us a lot of money which is important in a small business budget.  We had higher lease costs, fuel costs, road tax and higher service costs with the diesel van.  The e-NV200 has fewer components to go wrong and does not produce emissions that damage the environment.  All in all it suits our image as a ’green’ business, as we are also registered as a ‘Go Ultra Low’ Company.”

The Burrows have a charge point installed at home fitted under the OLEV Grant Funded Scheme for £149 (these chargers normally cost £360 to purchase without installation). They are customers of Ecotricity so they can charge their vehicle at Ecotricity charge points around the country for free.  Richard did his research on the Nissan e-NV200 before he went to visit sales executive Phil Rawding at Greenhous Nissan in Shrewsbury.  “I looked at the reviews of the van on line, on Twitter feeds etc. and people were saying they loved the van.  One even had it converted into a camper van!  I saw Phil and he arranged a test drive.  It was so different to other vehicles I had driven, so easy to drive, no gear shifting and I was sold on it.  The dashboard display tells you all you need to know about how much energy you are using and when you will need to re-charge.”

The e-NV200 is an ideal small van for city, town and local county deliveries.  For more information visit the Greenhous Nissan website at