For Andrew work and passion are intertwined.

For Andrew work and passion are intertwined.
Many of us have a hobby or interest that can be described as a passion – something you really enjoy participating in. For Andrew Morton it is a love of Japanese cars, particularly old models, so imagine his delight at landing a job at Greenhous selling Nissan cars!

Andrew is originally from Rowley Regis in the Black Country, but settled in Shrewsbury in early 2012 with his fiancé, Laura. He has a degree in mechanical engineering an interest evolving from growing up with his father’s influence as a Master Technician for Midland Red buses.  He spent several years selling a variety of models of cars before his move to Shropshire.

Andrew’s early career was as a manufacturing engineer, designing and building water and petrol bowsers and delivery systems, used for example in refuelling helicopters.  His passion for old cars led to many hours of restoration projects on Japanese vehicles of yesteryear.

Setting up a home and house improvements now take his time and energies as well as selling modern Nissan vehicles from the dealership on Featherbed Lane. For Andrew life is good as he says: “I have a lovely fiancé and children, a house which is taking shape and a job that fulfils my dreams.  Life is what you make of it.”